Privacy policy

Our privacy policy explains how the solar energy industry gathers and processes your personal information. When you use our site every time, the existing version of privacy policy will apply. Accordingly, you must verify the date of this privacy policy you use our site each time and also review any changes happen, since the previous version.

Our policy is applicable to our entire registered users, site visitors and all other users of our site. Your personal information allows us to find your directly or indirectly by giving reference to an identifier such as your identification number, your name, location data, online identifier or one or several factors specific to your genetic, economic, cultural, physical or social identity. By visiting, you can acknowledge that you have to read and understand our policies and processes mentioned to in this notice.

We also gather and warning the specific instant indicators on how you as well as other users can utilize out site routinely. We even utilize the Google Analytics to gather and store the instant statistics on your visit to our site. This would assist us to make our site very useful to the visitors like assessing what information is of most and also minimum interest to the visitors, decide the technical design specifications of our site and also finding the performance of a system or problematic areas as well.

Our summary statistics are not shared with any individual beyond a staff support to this home page, excluding when needed by the law enforcement examination and only utilized as a basis of mysterious statistical data. The comments sent by mail to our site can support us to enhance our service to you or to simply respond to your request. Also, we do not share your email or any personal data with any other outer organizations.